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"I need leads!".. Sound familiar?!... Lead Generation Solutions through Strategic Online Marketing Programs. Leads are of course what many businesses need to grow and to survive. e-Marketing

Leads are of course what many businesses need to grow and to survive and more leads is the goal of all sales and marketing teams. Sales revenue is everything, and at most companies that means continuing to generate new and qualified leads. Redback specialises in working with you to create the tools, strategies and concepts for generating sales leads, through integrated online marketing programs.

Because Redback is a marketing driven company, we provide you with those vital preliminary concepts before we let the web design team, knowledge workers, technicians and computer code cutters get their hands on your product's image and business future. Before the technology we look to:

  • create spectacular tools and strategies for your customer relationship management
  • extend your existing business model and assist your awareness of relevant net marketing activities and opportunities
  • create reliable innovative web marketing solutions and processes
  • ensure the web experience offers a clear value proposition to your visitors, effectively building loyalty to your product and your brand
  • identify for your company potential on and off-line strategic alliances based on shared values
  • define, develop and integrate your current real world, off-line promotions and branding so they add value and strengthen your online offering


Don't Believe the Hype:

'Build it and they will come', is the mindset by many companies, sadly misinformed about how to achieve real web success. It is a fallacy and totally unrealistic, like having a new storefront on a backstreet somewhere and not outwardly trying to reach your market to bring them to the door. This train of thought continues to lead to the failure of many online businesses.

As with your traditional marketing, your internet marketing needs to be aggressive and innovative, constantly responding to environmental changes and the needs of your market. The advantage of the internet is, of course, that this is much easier, simpler and cost effective to do and can be much more successful and profitable if done professionally and is well planned.

Building your Business

One of the key points of the Redback Business Growth System is communicating with your current and potential client base, to build greater relationships and further expanding your business leads and sales. Every business needs to maintain their current clients, and generate new clients. So don't underestimate the power of the simple eNewsletter ! And it is so inexpensive!

You might have 500 or 5000 or more people visit your web site each month, but now how do you turn them into clients and repeat customers?

First you must ensure your web site has various marketing tools and methods to encourage people to want to give you their details so you can continue to grow your list of potential clients dramatically, (should be a standard part of every website - but sadly, they are not).

Utilising various marketing strategies on your site, you can have many visitors to your site willingly telling you who they are and giving you their email address! How fabulous is that?! They're saying to you 'here I am, I'm a potential customer, and I am interested in your business'. Remember they are at your site because they are interested in your product or service, so with simple offers and methods and clever strategies, it is a small step to ask for their contact details.

Next step is to maintain regular communication with your client list. This is where your eNewsletter becomes a very powerful tool.

Some main points of a eNewsletter to remember;

  • Educate; why they should deal with you. What is different about your company/product.
  • The power of one; write it like you are writing to one person. So when each recipient reads it, they feel you are talking just to them.
  • Brand; so your database becomes more familiar with you and recognises your brand. So when they are ready to take the next step to buy such a products/service, it is you only who comes to mind. Every time they hear from you, the chances increase that they'll remember you in the future.
  • Solidify the relationship; ensure the newsletter has real value to the recipient... something for them. This can be as simple as tips & hints, help issues and so on. Preferably something related to your product/service, helping to also build trust and confidence in your company.
  • Call to action; make sure you encourage these people on your database to take the next step. If you have information of value within the newsletter, the reader will be happy to view your products for sale. So put to them a 'limited time' offer and tell them the action your want them to take… now.
  • Tell a friend; don't forget to ask them to pass on your eNewsletter to friends and colleagues who they think may be interested in your product or service, people will help, if you ask and you make it easy for them to do so.
  • Unsubscribe; don't forget you must legally have an option for a recipient to be removed from your list. This can be a manual or automatic system. You will never sell to anyone who wants to be taken off your list, so make it easy for them. And remember, you must by law have a published privacy policy. (Check out our Free Bonus below for a Free Legal Privacy Policy.)
  • Don't give up; the biggest mistake most companies make is they stop too soon. It takes time to build the familiarity, trust and relationship with a new client. Often marketers email 3 or 4 times, and stop, claiming it doesn't work. We have proven it works for our clients, over and over again, but in many instances you won't get the desired response from 3 or 4 marketing campaigns. Maybe you'll get nothing from 5 or 6. But generally it starts happening after about the 7th or 8th regular communication, and you will be amazed at the success from that point onwards!!!

So even just using these few pointers, your newsletter success can be magnified dramatically!! And remember, don't stop. If you email at regular intervals and your eNewsletter has valuable information, and you have a website that is a true marketing tool to compliment this, you will soon see the power of emarketing.


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