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Is SEO Worth Paying for?

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A lot of Small/Medium business still question the Value and especially the Return On Investment (ROI) of paying for SEO.

So I am going to jump straight to the throat of it…

It’s pretty well accepted these days, that if you aren’t on page one, you may well practically be invisible online. Of course this isn’t totally true, but the impact of page 1 to not being on page 1 is massive.

So let’s pick a simple business, for example, landscaping/gardening. Let’s say they don’t do any SEO and can’t be found in the first few pages of Google.

Imagine if they employed us to do SEO and were appearing on Page 1 of Google for selected search terms.

This shows the number of related search terms, Per Month in Google:


Keywords Searched
Avg No. of Monthly Searches
landscaping 64,782 49,828 42,351 21,326
landscaping companies 19,499 14,998 12,747 6,419
how to landscape 14,504 11,156 9,482 4,775
gardening 53,180 40,904 34,766 17,507
151,964 116,885 99,345 50,026

This Landscaping company has gone from 0 to 151,000 impressions Per Month in NSW in Google using just 4 terms. How do you think an additional 151,000 potential customers views would impact their business ??!..
(Remember, these are people actually searching for your type of business because they are searching using your keywords. This isn't shotgun marketing like a newspaper ad or similar.)

Do you think this would be a good investment and a massive ROI?  Hell yeah!!!....

Also think of the average customer value and think how many sales would cover the cost of $1000 - $2000 a month SEO campaign, then you soon see that maybe even 1 sale a month you are far ahead, and of course if you get 1 you’ll get 2, or 3 or 10 or…..

And that’s not accounting for the repeat sales, follow on word of mouth and so on.

I had one customer in commercial property sales who questioned spending monthly on his marketing, so I asked him, “how much is your average commission?” Hey told me it was $10,000 and up. Then it clicked for him…”if I can get just 2 sales from online a year, I am way ahead".  And that’s just 2 sales in a whole year and of course we expect a lot more!!

So if you would even like a table similar to the above from Google on the related keywords to your business and the number of searches performed each month, then just Reply to this email and I ’ll do one for you also?! Or if you get it already, send me and email and we can talk about your new SEO campaign! Or click here to enquire

If this example for a simple landscaping business isn’t enough to get you starting a SEO campaign, then at the bottom of this newsletter is a couple more examples of everyday businesses to show you how SEO Dollars could work amazingly for you!

If you have any questions on SEO or wish to discuss your Optimisation needs with us, we would be very happy to talk with you. You can use our Contact Form to make any enquiries.

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When in doubt, Google it !


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More Real Business Examples:

Keywords Searched
Avg No. of Monthly Searches
dentist 4,383,280 3,371,440 2,865,520 1,442,960
dentisttry and dental surgery 19,499 14,998 12,747 6,419
what are dentures 8,734 6,718 5,710 2,875
dental implants 7,155 5,503 4,678 2,355
4,418,669 3,398,659 2,888,655 1,454,610
solar panels 97,012 74,618 63,421 31,936
powered by solar 53,180 40,904 34,766 17,507
solar cells 64,782 49,828 42,351 21,326
solar power panels 35,453 27,269 23,177 11,671
250,427 192,618 163,714 82,440






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