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This month I simply want to take a step back to the basics and review the most powerful method for generating sales and/or leads through your website - eMarketing.

Hopefully everyone is doing this regularly, from retail stores to law firms, every business needs to do marketing to survive and grow. So in this issue we will just make sure we are all on the right path for the greatest results in our eMarketing efforts.

eMarketing Basics Explained:

Very few people buy from a web site the first time they visit it!!! Most people visit your site first to "check you out", and see what you have to offer. Statistics still show most people use the internet to 'educate' and 'research' about a subject or product/service first. So your web site should be designed not only for sales & education, but to get visitor email addresses!

We have covered gathering email addresses several times in past newsletters. You need to be giving a reason and value to visitors in return for their email address, which they know is valuable. If you want to revisit this topic you can read any of our past newsletters, Click here to visit the newsletter archives.

This is one thing that all businesses online need to understand: the reality is that online sales volumes are generated from your email list. Online success comes from communicating with people in your database, educating them about your products and services, instilling confidence, excitement and encouraging recipients to take action.

You want to use your list to email your potential and existing market, to continue to educate as to why they should deal with your company, create interest, and bring them back to your site.

This is the whole principle that email marketing pivots upon: create an email list, keep expanding it, and use it to bring customers back to your web site, where you help them understand that your product/service can offer the solution they need. Your web site is where you will make the sale/lead (either ecommerce or through online order/contact forms); the email is what will bring customers there.

But email marketing must be done correctly for it to work well, and there are some basic rules governing it. If done incorrectly, or if you ignore the basic rules of email marketing (at your own risk!), then you can actually drive others away from your list, and the "unsubscribe" button will be clicked on all too often. To avoid this, follow these basic rules, and you'll see your lists expand, and have happier clients for your home business.

There are many Do's and Don’ts around about eMarketing, so I will break these down into 4 main points:

  • Make sure you know the existing email rules. Follow these guidelines and you can rest easy knowing you are not spamming.

  • Treat your market the way you would like to be treated, and you'll see increased response rates.

  • Make sure you always have worthwhile, valuable information in your campaign communications that your market can really use.

  • Have a Time Limited, Special Offer to encourage immediate action.

  • eMail regularly and do not stop mailing if you have no response the first few times. Email marketing requires you to build rapport with your market through communication. Until you have their trust and gained a level of familiarity, you are unlikely to see a noticeable response, so it takes time. (Rule of thumb is about 5-7 regular impressions.)

Guide To Writing A Successful Campaign;

Don't sell. An email that is only about selling (about you not the recipient) can often be less effective, especially if you are just started eMarketing. Try give some value to your potential customers/clients and build that rapport.

Make it newsworthy. Make sure you are solving a problem or filling your readers' needs? Pinpoint what that need or problem is and write the email from the perspective of the readers' benefits and how it no longer needs to be a problem!

Write a headline that gets to the point. And says immediately why this information is important. Your headline is your 'ad' for the rest of your story.

Craft a strong leading paragraph for your press releases. Try answer as much ‘who, what, where, when, why, and how’ as you can. Imagine this as the summary for the press release.

Give a detailed explanation from the reader's perspective. Make it easy for the readers to see why it is important to them. If you can, include background information, interesting quotes, online survey results, production comparisons, and anything which illustrate the importance of this news.

Include your complete contact information. Write an email that clearly displays a contact name, company name, full address, phone number, email address, and Web site address. People like to feel they can call/contact a specific person, rather than just whoever happens to answers the phone/email. The contact name should be someone who's available and capable of answering questions.

Keep it short. If your email is too long, readers will delay reading it for ‘ when they have more time’, which will often mean it never happens.

Don't send email campaigns with attachments. Write the information within the body of the message and if you think greater detail of information could help, then use links to that specific area of your website.

Don’t follow up. You will annoy most people by making a second contact to ask if they got your email. That is a method of the past that no longer works in your favour. Instead make sure you clearly display a personal mobile number and email address. (Of course this could be a number/email monitored by anyone of which you can have the first response being something like, “Sorry, Susan isn’t at her desk right now, but I am sure I can help you…”)

Update your Web Site with the "news" before sending your email. If it's a new solution/product/service, update that section of your site. If it's not important enough to be added to your own site, then it probably isn’t worthy to be writing about in the first place?

I hope this article helps to reiterate the value of eMarketing and reminds you of the important aspects in creating your email campaign for your existing and potential market.

If you have any topics you would like me to address in these newsletters, or have further questions on this topic or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me on or Reply to this mailing.

Until next time, happy eMarketing.

Laurence Fitzgerald

Customer service is listening - God gave you two ears and one mouth. He must have been hinting.


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