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Story: 10 Tips For A More Efficient Laptop

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10 Tips For A More Efficient Laptop

Nowadays, most of us and our families are using laptops for all kinds of purposes. Laptops can quickly seem to lose speed and efficiency if they are not properly maintained. Here’s a few tips to help you look after your laptop and keep it in tip top working order.

(I could go into long descriptions on these and exactly how to do the, but just simply Google any terms you don’t know, and you are sure to get a plethora of step by step instructions. )

1. Keep it dust free:
A build-up of dust in your laptop can block the ventilation areas and cause overheating. Like with your car, this can cause many issues.

2. Keep it cool:
A laptop is best kept and used in a cool, dry area. It will work more effectively and faster than if it is exposed to heat. I don’t just mean sunlight or being left in the car, but also try avoiding using it resting on your bed or on cushions, which like the above, can cause blocking of ventilation points and overheating. There are plenty of different types of laptop trays for using away from your desk.

3. Use a firewall and antivirus software:
Still people don’t use these, even with virus attacks publicised so much and with so many free programs available. A Firewall will block people trying to access your computer remotely and Virus software will monitor and protect your system form viruses that can infect your system in so many ways. Something many people get slack on if plugging in external devices, such as thumb drives and external Hard Drives. These are rarely scanned for viruses and so easily share a virus from PC to PC.

4. Uninstall unused programs:
If you have a program you don’t use, remove it. Uninstalling unused programs can help to improve your laptop’s performance and free up space.

5. Defragment hard drives:
Do you sometimes find that locating files can seem to take longer and longer? Defragmenting your hard drive may help your computer to better arrange your program files to make them less clutter, and/or less spaced and easier for it to access.

6. Clean your registry:
Registry files can get corrupted and this can have a dramatic impact on your laptops performance. There are plenty of free registry cleaners you can run to diagnose and fix most issues.

7. Fewer programs to boot during startup:
Does your laptop/computer seem to be taking longer and longer to start up ?! This is often because as you have added more programs it is trying to load all these as part of the start-up process. So try reducing the number of programs that will try laod during the startup process.

8. Delete your temporary internet files:
If your temporary internet files gets too large, it can sometimes affect your browsing speeds. All browsers will allow you to delete part or all of these temporary files.

9. Empty the recycle bin:
Just selecting ‘delete’ on a file/s doesn’t remove them from your computer. It simply moves them to another folder called ‘recycle bin’. So make sure you regularly empty the recycle bin (right click).

10. Look after the power supply & batteries:
If you use your laptop more like a desktop computer and rarely take it out with you, don’t leave it always plugged in and powering. Disconnect the power supply and turn of the power point, letting the power supply cool and the batteries discharge and be later recharged.

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