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3 of the Biggest Marketing Mistakes Companies Can Make

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Let's jump straight into it... So, can you tell me the names and email of 50 people who visited your website in 2013???

Well if you say "yes I can", that is great and I would guess you are practicing Redback's Business Growth philosophies.
If you can't, then I would also assume that your website just isn't working for you! So why not? Why are so many companies investing further and further into websites and becoming very successful online?!

It is not about having a HUGE budget, or a designated marketing person in every office (although wouldn't it be great!), or 're-inventing the wheel'… it is about utilising the same simple strategies and methodologies companies have been using for decades, but adapting them to this unique medium, the internet.

“ A successful website is not about traffic numbers... it needs top be about relationships”

Redback teaches 'tried, tested and proven strategies', that if followed can offer very rewarding results !

There are a few basic ideas I can give you that seem to be so obvious, yet so commonly overlooked on so many website I visit or by business owner I speak to.

Using traditional marketing yet not leveraging it to push people to your website - I even speak to companies that advertise on the radio, yet don't mention their website?! Others have a site, mention it, but don't give a reason to visit it!
The result: A. The marketing efforts are almost completely 'hit and miss' with no way to really gauge if this advertising was successful. B. No way to gather the details of people who are interested in your product/service and then to continue to market to them (apart from more very expensive advertising). C. Once the advertising campaign is gone, so is any chance to communicate with any potential customers.
Not having tools in your website that encourage people to leave their details - Its simple… if someone is at your web site, they are interested in your product/service. But if you don't know who they are, how can you help them and turn them into a loyal customer? YOU MUST have methods in your website to attract people (of the different personality types) to want to give you their details in exchange for something they see of value. "Sign my Guestbook" or "Contact Us" just doesn't cut it anymore. The public knows their information is valuable, so you need to be clever about it and earn it. Just because someone visits your site once, doesn't mean they will buy from you. But if you can encourage them to give you their details before they leave the site, you can build rapport, educate them about your company and products, and create a long term relationship.
Giving up too soon - any good marketer will tell you that no matter what advertising you do, don't expect a result until after the 5th - 7th contact or touch point. How many times do you walk/drive past a store on your way home and see something of interest? Until, eventually, one day you decide - now is the time. So many people email a couple of times and tell me :"this emarketing doesn't work". Yet when I challenge them to keep trying, they are amazed at the response! (Of course you must follow basic emarketing rules, such as a relevant good offer, frequency, call to actions, time limited and so on). And of course, there are also the times when that very first piece of email marketing results in a massive return on your investment, sometimes, you just can't pick how your market will be responding.

So these are only 3 major areas I see leading to the lack of success of many businesses online:

Make sure you use your current marketing to push people to your website.

Ensure your website has what we call prospect gathering strategies to encourage visitors to identify themselves to you.

Regularly send simple worthwhile emarketing communications to your database, and don't give up too soon…it is truly worth working on!!

I hope you really take heed to these points. Spending just an hour or 2 can soon result in tens of thousands of $$$ in business from new and current clients.


These are just a few ideas to get you started, but I think you will be amazed at the results from just always keeping in mind these few simple ideas. To learn more, be sure to read the past newsletters and resources at

If you have any topics you would like me to address in these newsletters, or have further questions on this topic or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us on or Reply to this mailing.

I wish you and your families a Happy and Safe Christmas.

Warm regards


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