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Boost Email Effectiveness - Tips On Why Your Email Campaigns Are Being Ignored

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Previously we have discussed that you need to have ‘Marketing Tools’ on your website to encourage visitors to give you their details – competition, newsletters, VIP clubs, white papers and more - People are at your site because they are interested in your product or service, so you just need to now tell them why they should deal with you and/or make a special offer, etc. But how can you if they leave your site and you don’t know who they are?!

We know email marketing works, and the simple fact is that most businesses aren't doing it. So you can have the edge, simply just by doing it!

And imagine, if you spend a little time making your email a little more attention grabbing?  How much better would it work?!

So, with this is mind, I am putting down some ideas and 'how to' steps to make a simple email reach out to your market more strongly. Try these simple ideas and techniques, and see how a little fun and creativity can add pulling power to your email marketing.  

And here's the great thing, in email and on the web, people want to read Your Personality through the words, gone are the days when the advertising agency needed to slick up your copy.  We all see through that now, so don't be afraid to write like your speak.  That's what people want.

Tips and Hints

Simple Yet Very Effective Email Marketing Copywriting Secrets.

Just having YOUR email in their inbox is a big reminder of your business and so much more.

Once you commit to do it, calendar in time to research and write your copy for at least once a month. And stick to it, don’t let other things put it off. Plus irregular email marketing loses the impact and momentum.
Ok, so you have committed to a set time every month to prepare and send your email campaign… the most important step now is to get your headline right! You see, your headline for your email marketing piece is actually your 'ad for your ad'. It should be screaming, 'hey, I know you want to read me!'

As a matter of fact, I think your headline is so important, you should do it twice! Maybe even three times. And I have an entire strategy for how to create copy and headlines that really 'speak' to your target market. It's not hard, it just takes a little time to think about what you have to offer, and exactly what are it's 'appeal' points specifically to your market. And I when I say 'think', I mean really think about it, even just for a few minutes.

Because your headline is so important, I recommend you spend most of your time working on it. A strong attention grabbing headline will bring many more readers 'into' your email, and if your headline doesn't entice them, nothing will have them reading the rest of your email.

There are many books on how to write headlines, but to launch you into headline writing success I’ve written a few guidelines, a few of the ‘tools’ to use.

  1. Write heaps of headlines before you decide on the ‘one’ you will use for the headline in your email.   Try for about 30 – 40, many will be similar with slight changes, it can be amazing how different the response rate can be to your email, with just a slight change in your headline.

  2. Use power words like ‘you’ and ‘yours’.

  3. Attention grabbing ‘negatives’ work better than ‘positives’.

  4. Now choose the 4 or 5 headlines that you think appeal the most and then really work on these to get each of them ‘spot on’.

  5. Now choose 2 of them.

  6. Test the headline - Use headline no 1 in the email to half your database and headline no 2 to the other half and see if one gets a stronger response.

So here are some other Power words to think about to get your headline creation juices started:

Are you… / Announcing… / Who else wants… / Would you like… / How to… / 7 good reasons why.. / Beware…

So here are some ways you can make this work for, say, a finance broker…

“Announcing, The 11 methods you can use to reduce both your repayments and you loan balance.”

“Who else wants to save more than $1000 a year on home loan repayments?”
“Would you like to know 3 of the secrets professional property investors use to get finance in a sticky market?”

“How to tell the bank to ‘get lost’ and save money on your home loan.”

“Beware – 3 questions you need to ask your mortgage broker or non-bank lender before you sign! “

Okay, so now you have it!    Your ‘add for your email’, to make people want to read the email.

And remember those other 4 headlines your narrowed down to?   Here’s a really great tip – use them as ‘subheadings throughout the body of your email.  It will keep people involved, keep their attention and have them wanting to keep reading.

Here’s another little helper…

In your headlines and in the copy of your website, e-newsletters, e-mails and even flyers, these are the words identified by the Eye On Australia research….


In touch
Great outdoors
Aesthetically pleasing

And having a connection with the past, people, places, community and themselves.

So good luck with writing attention grabbing emails, some copywriters actually say you should spend 70 – 80% of the time on the headline, it is that powerful.  And just because I have used a mortgage broker as an example, don’t think this won’t work for your business – it does!  It will!

Important !...

Don’t give up!!! Too many companies get disheartened when they don’t see immediate results. We all know there is no shortcut to success/money. Don’t expect to see a sizeable response until at least the 5th to 7th campaign, if you keep it regular. Missing a month or two is almost like you are starting again each time.
Good luck!

If you have any topics you would like me to address in these newsletters, or have further questions on this topic or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

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