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5 Marketing Tips That Can Really Work!

How do you draw people to your site when you have little or even no budget for marketing?...

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I am still surprised when I speak to people who still believe that all you need do is have a web site, thinking just being on the internet is a magical sales and lead generator.

The old mindset, 'Build It And They Will Come' was probably thought up by Santa Clause talking to Snow White while sharing a cold one from the Fountain Of Youth at the Lost City of Atlantis. Get the point???... "tell em they're dreamin" as the famous line goes. So what are some simple thing you can do to help draw people to your website when you have little or even no budget for marketing??...


Tip 1: This is something so simple and basic, yet I still see staff and business owners not using their domain name email address, but instead their ISP's, such as ''.

This is free promotion for Bigpond! It should be an opportunity to promote your business, such as That way every email you send and every person that it may get forwarded to, will see your domain name in your email address. It is much more professional and is great promotion for your business website.

Just think of how many emails you send, and how many times your email address will be seen?! It is easy to setup and you should be able to do this yourself, and there are plenty of video tutorials online to walk you through it, or just ask your hosting company to do it for you.

Tip 2: Just because your office/store is closed for the day, doesn't mean your business is. Your website is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, so why not do business 24 hours a day? If you close your office at 5:30, what happens when someone calls/visits your workplace? Does the phone simply ring out, oris there a standard voice mail with a message saying you will get back to them the next day, or does a monotone-voiced answering machine tell them your business hours and notifying them to call back then?

Instead, when a client or prospective client calls after hours, they should be greeted with a friendly voice thanking them for their call with a suggestion that they may find visiting your website useful to satisfy their inquiry. If they can't find it there, they will be able to email you with their query. At the website they may also learn more about your company, see your professionalism and willingness to help, all the time being educated on the great range of products/services you offer that they may not have been aware of. No matter what type of physical office/shop/warehouse you have, you should have your web address on the 'Closed' sign in the window/gates, encouraging interested clients to visit you there.

Tip 3: 'Branding' wins customers. Branding is another secret to successful marketing. Transforming your business into an instantly recognizable brand is fairly simple. Firstly you need a good logo, BUT... don't get hooked on this I believe. Look at the Commonwealth Bank logo, a yellow box and a crooked black line area. But it is recognisable, i.e: Branding.
With your logo/brnading and marketing be sure you have a statement which 'reaches' your customers and educates them quickly and briefly about what you do and your 'Point Of Difference'.

The logo needs to be graphically strong, unique and appealing. Keeping your branding 'clean' and consistent is very important. A corporate identity guide manual is also important to maintain your branding throughout all applications.

Tip 4: A win-win situation. Competitions are a great way to gather customer details, as they promote business as well as attract new customers.

Statistic show that when people first visit your website they are not going to buy, they are researching. But this is an incredible opportunity for you to encourage them to give you their details - for the chance of something in return of greater value - and for you to then start to regularly market to them to educate as to why they should deal with you, when they are ready to buy.

Otherwise a visit is just a number AND a missed opportunity!

Tip 5: Guaranteed sales. Guaranteeing your product or service builds customer confidence...making it easier for them to think " I'll buy it !" There are many kinds of guarantees. Some services come with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee and many products boast a 100% cash back guarantee. There are guarantees that products or services will be delivered in a certain time frame, or be of a particular quality. Take some time and think about what kind of guarantee you could offer, then really promote your guarantee and watch your business grow with renewed confidence. (Remeber, test, test, test. Try variatiosn and monitor the result.)


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People come to your site because they are interested in your product/service, yet the opportunity to find out who is visiting your site is missed by focusing on just design, rather than marketing. Just think… if you had the contact details of those interested visitors from your site & made regular contact with them... what an impact that could have on sales?!

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