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I have spoken to you a few times about this, but I have had numerous clients recently contact me about SEO. Sure I could have achieved wonderful and amazing results for them and guarantee to get them on page 1. But driving traffic to their site just for the sake of increased traffic often has very little value in most cases. I had to be honest. A website needs to be prepared for the massive amount of new traffic about to come to your site and more importantly understand how to make money from this scenario. So in taking a little time to explain how to move some clients from expenditure to a Return On Investment model , where we could formulate a great plan for success and in the end I had a happier, more profitable client.

Note to self: Just bringing more traffic to your website will not necessarily increase leads/sales. It could result in no affect at all! Business owners need to realise that SEO is just 1 of 3 steps for online success and without all 3 acknowledged, you are hindering your chances of MASSIVE business potential.

Google is the internet and the internet is Google!

So let me ask you straight…

Is your website on Page 1 of Google for terms your potential customers would be using to search for products/services such as you provide? ... No?

So why are you ignoring this if you want more leads and more business??!... Are you doing anything about this or just hoping it will magically start to display on Page 1?... Or do you justify inaction because of the cost of employing someone to do it?...
Why/how when the ‘Return On Investment’ (ROI) can massively outweigh the costs as we recently proved: Click for Article

Every time you have a new meeting, looking for a product, going to restaurant/a show/ a movie… a whatever, you look it up on the internet first, yes?!! So does everyone else!! So if your business isn’t on Page 1 of Google, then sorry, you aren’t being seen and you are missing a massive volume of potential business coming to your website!

So, is it that straight forward??? Ummm… No.

As an Overview, there are 2 steps before SEO that you need to have prepared if you are serious to really BOOM your business online.

As we noted above and I am sure you agree, the use of the internet to research is HUGE!!! People are researching for your products/services!

So if your product/service or similar is being bought anywhere else, why did they get the contact/sale & not you???...

Three main reasons;

1. They went to your site but it lacked real incentive for visitors to give you their details & they simply left – Website marketing tools required

2. You have a database, but did not communicate with you existing/potential clients regularly to encourage/educate them to deal with you – eMarketing required

3. They can’t find your site in Google – SEO required

(*Providing you have a website of a professional & modern standard, a non-flash website, Google friendly and so on, as I have explained in other articles: click here)

These elements can all help leverage each other and all 3 need be working for you to have online success.

So you want sales/leads:
Do you have a database of prospects? – Maybe lacking Point 2
Don’t have a database of prospect? – Maybe lacking Point 1
Simply not getting the traffic to even build a worthwhile database? – Maybe lacking Point 3

When you have a marketing ready website capable of engaging the masses of new visitors to the site, and entices/enables future contact/marketing, should you undertake an SEO campaign, or you could be simply wasting your money.

Think about it, without these 3 elements, why would your online business grow?! Luck?... Fluke?... Or because of a proven and logical strategy!

Scared by the perceived costs??

Simple Method To Calculate ROI and Critical Mass:

The cost over 1 year to undertake all and/or either step 1, 2 & 3 for your site/business?
(One-off & recurring monthly costs)
Divide annual costs by 12 (months).
$ 1,100
What is your average sale value?
$ 725
What is the gross profit?
$ 330
If your web company can increase by just 5+ sales, you are starting to make a profit.
($330 x 5 sales) Gross:
$ 1,650
($1,100 spend >> $1,650 return) Profit
$ 550

At 4 sales per month, you exceed your critical mass: 4 x $330 = $1320.
So any sales above that is great profit. And whether you get 5 or 50 sales every month from this campaign, your investment is the same.

So in using this simple example, increasing sales by just 5 or more p/month, you start to become way out ahead form you small investment.

Of course over time, the cost amortises, so the sales increase yet the investment may not, creating ever greater increased sales with even greater profit margins.

But as I believe and have proven many times, unless you have all 3 steps in place you cannot logically expect profitable results. You need a logical and strategic flow that is part of a rounded plan. A great saying I remember…

Don't confuse activity with results

...Just having someone 'do' SEO or eMarketing or web design is not enough. You need a clear plan and goals with logical steps to achieve the results you wish.

1. So get your website ready – tools to entice visitors to tell you who they are. click here

2. Be ready to start eMarketing campaigns – you will need regular and worthwhile communications to keep communication, grow relationships and educate your potential market. (Check out this article on how most of this can be automated for you: click here

3. Work out your ROI with your web company to set achievable and realistic goals, to then build from there. Any good SEO company realises that you need to be making a proven profit from them, or they will lose your business, so we/they work hard for it! Click here

It is really quite simple, especially with the right web partner. I have been invloved in eMarketing and web design for over 17 years and would love to help you achieve your sales/online goals, so please do contact me to make an appointment, either in person, on the phone or via email. Redback can help make your business a success.

If you have any topics you would like me to address in these newsletters, or have further questions on this topic or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or Reply to this mailing.

Warm regards


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Just Imagine!...

People come to your site because they are interested in your product/service, yet the opportunity to find out who is visiting your site is missed by focusing on just design, rather than marketing. Just think… if you had the contact details of those interested visitors from your site & made regular contact with them... what an impact that could have on sales?!


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Redback Studios recently upgraded our Wine IP website; and it has a very smart look and is simple and easy to navigate. The process for us as a business was easy and Laurence extremely helpful and understood what we were seeking; which reduced the costs in time and money. Redback also hosts our website and have been able to help us with technical problems that have arisen outside their responsibility. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Redback to design, develop and maintain your website presence.

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