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We Bring Business To You!   If you want more visitors to your site then you need your website Optimised! If you aren’t on Page 1 of Google, you are missing out on massive opportunities. We even Guarantee our results! SEO Experts

We have a range of packages for your business, from simply making your website ‘Search Engine Friendly’ to full-on Optimisation Campaigns with on & off page optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation is the most powerful tool and method to increase any business online, as if you are not being found on Google on Page One for the right terms, you are paddling against a strong torrent.

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We Bring Business To You!

Redback Studios has had massive success in achieving this for many clients for many years, using both on-page and off-page optimisation techniques.

As SEO is a constant and ongoing process, we do not charge a set-up fee, as every month we will be changing what we do to suit Google’s changing algorithms, rules and system, and to suit your keyword/phrase requirements.

SEO Guarantee

You don't need to risk a lot of money when undertaking SEO. With our proven track record we are so sure of our work that we are one of the few Australian companies to offer a full SEO guarantee. If you employ us for your full Search Engine Optimisation, we are so confident that we will optimise your site and get the desired results, that we guarantee it will rank on Page One of Google results within 90 days and although unlikely, if we haven’t achieved this, we will continue to work on your site’s SEO for free until it does or up to an extra 3 months, whichever comes first. So feel totally assured!*

What We Do For You

When you hire Redback Studios SEO Experts, you are getting decades of web SEO experience on your team. Our skilled SEO team will give your site complete analysis, where it currently stands in the search engines and analyse it’s competition. From there we use that information to create a unique strategy to achieve your objectives and get to work on it. To get started just click Contact Us

Why would you use our SEO services? For one, we always under promise and over deliver. 

Procedures and methodologies of Search Engine Optimisation Services

seo search engine optimisation optimizationYou come to us with a specific set of expectations. As an example you want to rank for some highly competitive keywords or you come to us with a newly created website, but don't know about keywords, link building, geo-location, Google places etc.

We use our trusted and proven processes to start drawing out from you the information we need to achieve the greatest results for you. We want to know your business, your target audience, and your long and short term goals.

We analyse your competitors, your niche and prepare online marketing strategy accordingly.

Keyword research: We help you identify the most profitable keywords in your niche and suggest you three types of keywords.

Primary keywords They are the most competitive keywords. These keywords have lots and lots of competition due to high profitability attached with them. You cannot rank on these keywords within few months so we suggest your secondary and tertiary keywords. As an example you want to rank for the keywords "property” we would suggest it may be better to target "Property Richmond" or similar keywords.(This is a very broad example.)

Secondary Keywords and tertiary keywords For short term we target secondary and tertiary keywords and when you start ranking we start working for the primary keyword.

Cost-Effective SEO (ROI) Vs Cheap SEO

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Option 1: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

1. SEO Preparation:

1. Market Research
2. Competitor Analysis
3. Keyword Research
4. Website current position
5. Current Google Page Rank
6. and more.........

target22. On-site Optimisation:

1. Keyword Analysis
2. Keyword placement
3. Meta Data Optimisation
3. Alt Tag Optimisation
4. Canonicalization Check
5. Check media used and Optimise
6. Ensure correct menu structure and method
7. Heading Tag Optimisation
8. Anchor Text Optimisation
9. Website Content Optimisation
10. Sitemap, Robots.txt Optimisation
11. Keyword placement in Meta Tags Description
12. Image & Hyperlink Optimisation
13. Google Analytics (For optimal visitor tracking)
14. Adding 301 permanent redirect
15. Image & Hyperlink Optimisation
16. and more.........

3. Off-page Optimisation:

1. Search engine submission
2. Directory submission
3. Inbound linking
4. Article Submission (if supplied)
5. Social Bookmarking
6. Blogging
7. Forum Posting etc.
8. Yahoo Answering and other sites
9. Web Photo Submission (if supplied)
10. Video Marketing (if supplied)
11. Google Places
12. Profile linking
13. and more.........

4: Advanced Optimisation

1. Google sitemap generation & submission
2. XML sitemap generation & submission
3. Google Webmaster Tools setup
4. and more.........


A full Search Engine Optimisation campaign can start from as little as $1,270 p/m, with a 3 months minimum agreement.

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Option 2: On-Page Search Engine Optimisation (One Time)

This is a Budget, One-Off task where we go through your site to ensure the basic steps have been taken to help Google not only find your site, but Spider it (follow links to see all pages and all content).

With some clients, this has been enough to dramatically improve their Google results, even taking them to Google page 1. But this is not assured as there are many factors that can affect this but it is a great strategy for some businesses that can impact your results.

A Cross Section of Task Undertaken (included and not limited to):

Web site analysis

Keyword analysis

Meta Tag Keyword analysis and correction

hammer-wrench-iconMeta Tag Description analysis and correction

Add to Google Webmaster

Add and Integrate Googe Analystics

Content keyword to Meta correlation and correction

Keyword frequency and use

Image Alt tag correction

Minor content addition, editing and correction

Menu analysis and correction and additions

Sitemap XML creation

Submission to Google for review

Google web site verification


Price may vary depending on the size of the site: From $880


silver gold

Cost-Effective SEO (ROI) Vs Cheap SEO


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* Redback Studios has the option to exclude its guarantee to certain industries or keywords. Yet this will be stated upfront before commencement.
* Finance, Insurance, Adult Sites, Gambling, Travel & Accommodation, Web (hosting, domains, web design, online marketing) need to assessed with a custom solution.
* The guarantee includes up to an addition 5 months of free optimisation capped, with full SEO reporting during the free period to show continued activity for you.
* Guarantee includes at least 1 keyword placing or listing on Page 1 of Google within the 90 days.
* The steps above outline our processes. Not all are required for all clients and all may not be undertaken if not required to achieve the result.
* Payment must be made 'in advance' for each month. If payment is made before the recurring due date, work may cease and the guarantee void.


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