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page-1-or-its-free-seoCost-Effective SEO (ROI) Vs Cheap SEO

I must admit I am still amazing how so many Small to Medium Australian businesses don’t undertake SEO. It is without doubt the most effective and cost efficient method of marketing available today, (besides word of mouth) and is fully accountable/track able. It is almost like they are saying “the internet doesn’t help bring you business” or that “fax machines will never take off”.

Quite simply put, for most businesses, if you are not getting on Page 1 of Google, you are missing up to 99% of your potential business opportunities!

And don’t get caught by these companies promising you Page 1 in days, or SEO from $300 per month etc, as that is more like an hourly rate for good SEO than a serious proposition to a genuine business.

Online is like physical business in that ‘you always get what you pay for’. Good SEO is a skill and takes knowledge, experience and time. And don’t fall into the wrong mindset of “how much it costs” but instead focus on your Return On Investment (ROI)! That’s where the money is.

Here’s a simple example taken from one of our newsletters. We take examples of a simple businesses and compare not being on page 1 (no online leads/sales), to then being on page 1. The below table show the potential they are missing out on!

This shows the number of related search terms, Per Month in Google for each business:

Keywords Searched
Avg No. of Monthly Searches
dentist 4,383,280 3,371,440 2,865,520 1,442,960
dentisttry and dental surgery 19,499 14,998 12,747 6,419
what are dentures 8,734 6,718 5,710 2,875
dental implants 7,155 5,503 4,678 2,355
  4,418,669 3,398,659 2,888,655 1,454,610
solar panels 97,012 74,618 63,421 31,936
powered by solar 53,180 40,904 34,766 17,507
solar cells 64,782 49,828 42,351 21,326
solar power panels 35,453 27,269 23,177 11,671
  250,427 192,618 163,714 82,440
landscaping 64,782 49,828 42,351 21,326
landscaping companies 19,499 14,998 12,747 6,419
how to landscape 14,504 11,156 9,482 4,775
gardening 53,180 40,904 34,766 17,507
  151,964 116,885 99,345 50,026
 July 2012 Google Keywords        


The real competition is the other 9 businesses/websites on page 1. So imagine this company gets 10% of the business… Say the average sale is just $200, multiply that by 10% of the number of visits and the ROI come screaming to reality!

Now of course that is just hypothetical, but even you take it to 1%, it can still result in a massive increase and consistency in new business, Every Month! And the average sale is more likely to be in the thousands of dollars, not hundreds, Plus the lifetime value of that client and the follow on word of mouth business. Now that’s a massive potential Return On Investment, not a cost!

SEO costs a fraction of the value it delivers

What you pay for SEO needs to be seen as a long term investment, not a business expense. SEO is an investment that will give quick results but ALSO will continue to grow over time, becoming even more valuable and effective. So when you put SEO into your budget, also include the calculation of the result of this investment.

Ask yourself this:

1. Is your website on the first page of Google for competitive search terms? If not you are missing out on 99% of traffic for those terms.

2. As you can see in the above tables, people will search for your product or service using more than one term, such as ‘landscaping’ or ‘how to landscape’ or ‘landscapers’ and so on. So using variation to term/questions you can see the massive traffic you are missing out on.

3. Would an extra 300 or 500 or 1000 visits a month affect your business sales if just 10% made an enquiry?! That’s 30/50/100 new sales leads respectively. How many do you need to convert to be making a profit on your SEO investment?! And then add the lifetime value of those new customers every month.

SEO Guarantee

You don't need to risk a lot of money when undertaking SEO. With our proven track record we are so sure of our work that we are one of the few Australian companies to offer a full SEO guarantee. If you employ us for your full Search Engine Optimisation, we are so confident that we will optimise your site and get the desired results, that we guarantee it will rank on Page One of Google results within 90 days and although unlikely, if we haven’t achieved this, we will continue to work on your site’s SEO free until it does up to an additional 3 months extra, whichever comes first. So feel totally assured!*


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* Redback Studios has the option to exclude its guarantee to certain industries or keywords. Yet this will be stated upfront before commencement.
* Finance, Insurance, Adult Sites, Gambling, Travel & Accommodation, Web (hosting, domains, web design, online marketing) need to assessed with a custom solution.
* The guarantee includes up to an addition 5 months of free optimisation capped, with full SEO reporting during the free period to show continued activity for you.
* Guarantee includes at least 1 keyword placing or listing on Page 1 of Google within the 90 days.

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